Keyway Cradle Holes

By Ronn Hann of Northern Comfort Log Homes

Reprinted from Fall 2006 newsletter

I use cradles for all my one notch logs and find them very convenient for roughing down these pieces. It occurred to me that if I accurately drill the hole for the cradle in the right spot, I can use that same hole as the back of the door or window spline and save a little time when cutting keyways. As I leave 2” of trim in my openings, I layout my cradle holes about 6” back from the openings. The one inch Ø hole I use is just two saw cuts away from being a keyway.

An early drawback I discovered is that the threaded rods of the cradles picked up and deposited sand (saw dulling sand) in these holes. The problem has been solved by making a rack for the cradles by drilling an off cut block and placing it on the ground near the opening. Cradles are put there when not in use and are easy to find. I also made up about 30 cradles when I made them so there is always a rack of them close at hand. The drill hole soon to be keyway also acts as a guide for the helpers on where not to staple when insulating and gasketing at restock time.
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