What is the best lateral notch?

V-notch? Flat bottom? What is the best way to cut the lateral? Here is one response given by Gary Schroeder to a comment on Facebook.
There are many opinions as to which style is best, for the lateral notch. As in many approaches, experience brings in the need to improve on a style. In the log home handcrafting industry, more builders have moved away from a “v-notch” to more of a flat bottom or double scribed lateral. There are two reasons for such a move. The flat bottom leaves more wood to help prevent extreme checking and movement of the scribed edge outward from its intended seat. The double scribed lateral is even a more improved style. with two scribed lateral grooves: there is more wood left in place plus there is a notch at the top of the log to encourage checking,which helps to tighten the laterals. As there are more handcrafters, we will see additional improvements in older methods.
Please share your opinions and perspectives on the best practice for cutting the lateral.

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1 Response to What is the best lateral notch?

  1. Eric Latocki says:

    Just revisited a log home where I used the double v lateral notch on a piece en piece home. The laterals were all perfectly seated and tight after being exposed to higher elevation temperatures and Arizona’s harsh sun. No checking is happening either. We used pretty green logs when we built it. I have no complaints about using the double V. For photos of this particular home, go to http://logfrogs.com/2012/02/29/piece-en-piece-option-for-short-logs/. There’s a closeup of the lateral.

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