Letter from the GLLCA President

By Bob Kenel of R.G. Kenel Log Builders

Reprinted from the Spring 2012 Newsletter

Bob Kenel

2011 was another great year for the GLLCA. The memberships are holding stable, thanks to all of you that continue to support our efforts. Welcome to our new members and to those that have come back.

Our organization has grown in knowledge and has developed greatly in organizational skills and planning, due to the commitments on behalf of the board members current and past. The treasury is doing fine and this year’s conference looks great. This year also will bring some newly elected board members, treasurer and president so please attend, your input and votes are needed. I have committed to be the chair for the 2013 conference committee, thirty year anniversary, and planning a building fund raiser to help build up our funding for the future. The GLLCA will need volunteers to work on this project in Thunder Bay, Ontario. I have been working on this since the 2010 GLLCA conference. Hear more about it at the Keweenaw Lodge this May.

Please bring an auction item for the conference, big or small, hand-made or purchased; they will all help with our operation budget. I am very proud of the website the GLLCA has been running. Please use it frequently to assure your information is updated and current. Also, see the GLLCA on facebook, linked in and others. Go to those sites, sign up and comment.

Watch for the new 2012 ICC Log Standards to come out soon. There are some changes and I was proud to be a “voting” member of the ICC Standards Committee. Thank you for having me represent the GLLCA on your behalf. For our Canadian members, the Canadian National Standards are also updating and changing energy standards. This may affect the projects going to and from Canada. Also, the U.S. government is trying to impose an inventory tax on builders and their supplies along with a service tax. I have been involved with other organizations to re-but against these bills. Please write to your officials and give your comments.

As always, you may e-mail me with any comments, suggestions or just to say howdy.

See you in Keweenaw.

About gllca

The Great Lakes Log Crafters Association is chartered as a non-profit organization in the State of Wisconsin, USA. The Board President, Board Members, and Officers are elected by the general membership and serve as stewards for running the association
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