This blog is a digestion of the tips, views, and techniques shared by our members through the newsletter and other channels. To see the full site and membership, please visit our website.

The GLLCA was created as a forum where ideas, new methods, new tools and materials, and enthusiasm could be exchanged and efforts could be made to educate the public and promote the craft of log-building in the region. We are dedicated to encouraging the highest standards of construction in our work.

Goals of the GLLCA are:
A. To organize and operate an association dedicated to the furtherance of the craft of log building.
B. To promote educational services related to the craft of log building.
C. To develop and disseminate educational materials and programs related to the craft of log building.
D. To raise and manage funds to meet the Association’s needs.
E. and to develop, publish and promote standards for log building craftmanship.
The purpose will be carried out on an exclusively not for profit basis.

Log Building Standards

The GLLCA follows the Log Building Standards as a set of guidelines for handcrafted log construction. We are active contributors to the International Code Committee (ICC) currently developing the Log Building Standard to become part of the International Building Code (IBC) in use in most parts of the USA.

Our annual conference is a time to renew old friendships and take part in educational programs and hands-on log workshops headed by senior log crafters. While mostly oriented toward professional log builders, our associate members comprised of owner/builders and log building hobbyists find much for them as well. Our larger workshop log building projects have been sold as fund raisers and sometimes done as public service projects in parks. Conference speakers represent architects, engineers, wood scientists, log builders, and we have other sessions on equipment operation, safety, and new tools and jigs developed by our members. If you have an interest in log building this is a conference worth attending.

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