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The Great Lakes Log Crafters Association is chartered as a non-profit organization in the State of Wisconsin, USA. The Board President, Board Members, and Officers are elected by the general membership and serve as stewards for running the association

Join The GLLCA Network

The GLLCA is an organization of professional log builders and others interested in the art of handcrafting log structures. The organization is dedicated to “PROMOTING EXCELLENCE IN THE HANDCRAFTED TRADITION” and joins a network of professional craftsman to share tricks … Continue reading

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Trip to Rockwood, ME

By Aaron Hyman of Backwoods Log Homes Reprinted from Spring 2012 Newsletter From September to November, 2011 my crew and I built a log shell at my log yard in Western Wisconsin. We then shipped the log shell out to … Continue reading

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Letter from the GLLCA President

By Bob Kenel of R.G. Kenel Log Builders Reprinted from the Spring 2012 Newsletter 2011 was another great year for the GLLCA. The memberships are holding stable, thanks to all of you that continue to support our efforts. Welcome to … Continue reading

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Octagon King Post Onion

By Duane Sellman of Sellman Log Structures Reprinted from Spring 2012 Newsletter The timber frame (my first) I have been working on has an octagon shape in one corner. It is 16’ across and the 8 sided king post is … Continue reading

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The Life of a Wife of a Log Home Builder

by Kay Sellman of Sellman Log Structures Reprinted from Spring 2012 Newsletter I am wondering if any other wives of log home builders feel the way I do so I thought of writing this article to see if anyone agrees … Continue reading

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Window and Door Layout Adjustments for Sweep in Header Logs

By Ronn Hann of Northern Comfort Log Homes Reprinted from Spring 2012 newsletter On my first couple of log building settings, the header log on the wall resulted in not lining up with the centerline of the logs below. This … Continue reading

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Staircase Jig

By Frank Vanderveur of Minnesota Logworks, Inc. Reprinted from Spring 2012 newsletter Here is another way to cut the correct angles on the top and bottom of the staircase. This jig that I have tried worked well for me, it … Continue reading

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Wood Construction Design Software

From Dietrich’s (a GLLCA member) Website: Software is our Business – Wood is our Passion Wood uniquely combines the tradition and the future of the construction industry. It combines outstanding material properties, durability and ease of processing with the ecological … Continue reading

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What is the best lateral notch?

V-notch? Flat bottom? What is the best way to cut the lateral? Here is one response given by Gary Schroeder to a comment on Facebook. There are many opinions as to which style is best, for the lateral notch. As … Continue reading

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Roof Ventilation Issues Can be Resolved by Meeting Standards

By Dan Perkins of Dan Perkins Construction Reprinted from Fall 2006 newsletter As buildings have become tighter, a variety of issues related to roof ventilation—including ice damming, water condensation and mold within the building envelope—have tormented owners and contractors alike with … Continue reading

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