Staircase Jig

By Frank Vanderveur of Minnesota Logworks, Inc.

Reprinted from Spring 2012 newsletter

Here is another way to cut the correct angles on the top and bottom of the staircase. This jig that I have tried worked well for me, it was fast and accurate.

The stair treads are notched into the log stringers and then fastened with ¼” GRK screws. These fasteners are countersunk into the stringer and the holes are plugged with a dowel, so you will not see the holes in the stair stringers. The angle of the screw is important………

Picture 1

I used a 2×2 and added “filler wood” which includes the wooden guide, on which the pads mounted on your chainsaw bar glide on. The total sum of the “filler wood” and guide is equal to the height of the riser, which in this case is 7-5/16”. I slide the jig over the stair tread and fasten the 2×2 with screws to the top surface of the stair tread.
See Picture #1:

Picture 2

It depends on how long of a bar you have but if you can’t cut both stringers at the same time you can cut the first stringer and then move the jig from one end to the other end of the stair tread and leave the one jig in the middle between the stringers. Then cut the second stringer.

Picture 3

For the top part of the staircase stringer, I used a 12” x 10 ½” jig made out of 2×2’s and a 2 x 10 cut to the right run which in this case is 10-½”. I fastened these to the end of the stair tread using a piece of plywood and screws. See picture # 3.

Picture 3

If your bar is not long enough you can place a jig in between the stringers, cut the first stringer and just move the first jig to the other side in order to make a cut on the second stringer.

Good Luck and keep your chain sharp.

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