Window and Door Layout Adjustments for Sweep in Header Logs

By Ronn Hann of Northern Comfort Log Homes

Reprinted from Spring 2012 newsletter

On my first couple of log building settings, the header log on the wall resulted in not lining up with the centerline of the logs below. This was to get the coverage required to mount trim boards over doors and windows. Typically, this requires an 8” to 10” flat at about 89” to 91” of wall height.

I was trying to keep everything on centerlines and stretching my wall logs at openings using a level to keep everything in line. Then came the header log with its 3” to 4” of sweep to be set on the wall with the bow to the outside. I was not getting enough flat for those pesky trim boards.

So my solution was to layout the first courses with an offset to the outside wall. This resulted in the sweep at the header log centering on the stretched wall sections below. The amount of offset would depend on where the opening is in the wall. Usually I use ‘3/4” near corners and up to 1-1/2” offset towards the middle of the wall. See diagram below:

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